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When I think of summer all I can think of it's HOT!!! This is Texas y'all...we average 104 degrees during peak summertime! There is no need to fear melting and looking like a hot mess if you've got a few essential summer items to keep you cool, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. Don't worry ladies, it truly is possible.

To beat the heat I like to go with light-weight fabrics and silhouettes that aren't as structured and are more breezy. My definite go to items are dresses and more dresses. Short, long, and anything in between work. I'm definitely feeling the flowy bohemian vibe of some of our shorter dresses and tunics such as Groove Is In The Heart (loving the florals and seriously this is one of the most comfortable dresses) and the The Thought of You Dress. Maxi dresses are a great option and are also very versatile. I love the beachy vibe that a lot of them have such as our Bermuda Breeze Maxi and Mid-summer Night's Dream Dress. Any dress can be paired with flats for a more casual look like our Simple Strap Sandals or a pair of wedges such as Step Up Your Game Wedge and Legend Has It, if you're feeling inclined to be a little fancier. Wedges under a maxi make you appear longer and leaner under the continuous fabric. I mean, who doesn't love elongating their legs by 3 or 4 inches...?

To change things up a bit from dresses I stick with the same concept but in tanks, tunics and blouses. One of my favorites this summer is our Lace-Back Tank. These come in a variety of colors, drape across the body well and can be worn with a backless bracami or bandeau underneath. Also, don't be afraid to wear longer sleeved blouses such as our Sweet Innocence Blouse, it's light weight fabric will keep you cool and covered. All tops can be worn with your favorite shorts or jeans, so don't pack up your jeans for the summer.

Now that we've got the clothing and shoes covered, please don't forget to accessorize! You can take your Classic T-shirt Dress and really pull it together to make it an outfit with a few pieces of jewelry and a great handbag that pops. I'm in love with all our new Tassel Necklaces and Trend Setter Bag.

Bottom line ladies is you can look great and feel great this summer no matter where you are or what you are doing. Don't spend your summer just trying to beat the heat, you can do so while looking effortlessly chic with a few basic items. Not all of us can be on a beach somewhere with the salty wind blowing through our hair (seriously jealous if you are!) but you can definitely dress the part.

XOXO, Julie


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