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Confession...every season about halfway through I'm just 'over it' and start longing for the next season. I LOVE the changing of the seasons! There is this sense of a new start that is refreshing, especially when it starts cooling off here in Texas. BUT, there is always this in-between stage of transitioning from season to season (where it's not quite the end of summer or the start of fall yet), and that of course brings me to... "what do I wear?!"

Don't start packing up your summer wardrobe yet, most pieces can be transitioned over to fall and even year-round by changing it up a bit. We will start with my first trick, LAYERING! I love outfits with depth and texture, something to grab the eye. Also by adding pieces with earth tones such as olive, deep purples/burgundy, and rust can help cool down your summer florals. I like to add the perfect cardigan, jacket or poncho on top of my dresses and tanks when the temperature starts to finally drop. I would stick with a solid layering piece if doing on top of a print such as our Love In Lace Cardigan. The great thing about these is that they still have enough detail and texture to be pulled off as the main focus of your outfit if just thrown over a Seamless Cami or our Bare Necessity Tank. I must admit though, the Bare Necessity tank has enough texture and detail with the chiffon hemline to wear alone too. If you are wanting a little more print and pops of color you can go with a poncho or kimono like the On the Hunt Poncho and Mix It Up Kimono/Vest

So that covers what to do with your tops and dresses, now lets talk bottoms. I'm really not kidding when I say do not put away any of your summer clothes yet, even shorts. Yes, shorts can even be transitioned with a cute pair of booties and a cardigan or tunic. Personally I'm in LOVE with our Fringe Booties! If it's a little too chilly to continue wearing shorts it might be time to invest in a perfectly fitting pair of jeans and my 2nd love, Denim Jeggings. A little tip here is proportion and balance. When you're doing a bootcut jean such as our CELLO Bootcut Jean, lean towards a top that is more tailored to your frame. The boot cut adds width, and if you are adding width up top too, it can sometimes come off as too heavy. Rules can be broken though ;-) 

I also like to stand by 'skin is still in.' No need to start covering yourself head-to-toe quite yet. I like to keep a peek of skin showing during this transition whether its my legs in shorts or a dress and even my feet in sandals. I find that I can lighten up a fall outfit with a pair of sandals to keep it still weather appropriate for this in-between stage. I better not see any of you ladies wearing socks with sandals though, if it's that cold then throw on a pair of booties or boots with Button and Lace Leg Warmers or Lace-Trimmed Boot Socks.

Lastly, accessorize, accessorize! The options really are endless. Throwing on a hat like the Luxe Wool Floppy Hat adds a vintage feel to any outfit. Also by simply switching out your handbag can give your outfit a completely different feel.  Layering jewelry and adding chunkier, heavier pieces help pull together an in-between seasons outfit. These might all seem like small changes but can really 'make' an outfit. It adds texture, interest and changes the tone and mood almost effotlessly.  


Happy shopping ;-)

XOXO, Julie



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