Height: 5'7"

Size: 2/4, Dress Size: Small

Bust: 32B

Favorite Food: Crab Legs

1st Love: Marshmallow Peeps

Interesting Fact: Plays College Softball

Best Trip Ever: Mission Trip to New Mexico


Height: 5'8"

Size: 2/4, Dress Size: Small

Bust: 34C

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican

1st Love: Her 'totaled' Camero ;-(

Interesting Fact: has 6 less teeth than the average person

Best Trip Ever: Cruise to Cozumel


Height: 5'4"

Size: 4/6, Dress Size: Small/Medium

Bust: 34DD

Favorite Food: Pasta

1st Love: Her Kids

Interesting Fact: Mom of 2

Best Trip Ever: Cruise to Mexico for her Sister's Birthday


Height: 5'6"

Size: 4/6, Dress Size: Small

Bust: 34B

Favorite Food: Dill Pickle Chips & anything with Coconut in it!

1st Love: Baking

Interesting Fact: Canadian!

Best Trip Ever: Skydiving in South Africa