The Story Behind Jane Divine

Many have asked where the name "Jane Divine" came from. So on this day, December 27th, 2013, the 1-yr anniversary of my Grandmother's passing, I tell you our story...

My Grandmother, Betty Jane Smith, was the rock of our family. I have a billion childhood memories that include her, from playing in the yard at her red house, to making cinnamon toast in her kitchen decorated with outhouses, and visiting her while she worked in the Mercantile at Knott's Berry Farm. She was a wonderful woman who was deeply devoted to my Grandfather, her husband of 63-yrs.

Grandpa passed in the summer of 2012. While this was terribly hard for her, she was finally able to get out and mingle with friends and neighbors and show off the vibrant personality she had held in for 10+ years while being his caretaker. She started making plans to travel, which included a trip to visit us in Texas during Thanksgiving week. I was delighted to get 5 whole days of her all to myself!

In September of 2012, we made a last-minute decision to take a trip to California for my cousin's wedding. A trip I will forever hold dear to my heart as it ended up being the last visit I had with Grandma. I was 5-mos pregnant at the time with a blessing we truly believe came from above. We had struggled with infertility with this second child, visiting doctor after doctor, only to finally be told "Your chances are highly unlikely." 4-mos after completely giving up, we learned that God had other plans and we were pregnant! We decided instantly that we would NOT find out the sex of this baby during our pregnancy; he or she was a blessing either way. 

While visiting, we made the announcement to Grandma and the family, that our soon-to-be new baby was going to carry the middle name of either my Grandmother (Jane) or Grandfather (William). Grandma was simply tickled, and I do believe got a little teary at the news. We had talked on the phone numerous times during our fight to conceive, so she knew just how special this baby was to us. (Grandma was actually the first family member I told when we found out we were pregnant. The news lifted her spirits during my grandfather's final days.) She was convinced we were having a girl...going to the extreme of calling her "Jane" while we visited that September. We, on the other hand, were convinced it was a boy; my pregnancy had been so similar to our first.

2 days before Grandma was scheduled to depart California to visit us for Thanksgiving week, I received a phone call from my Dad. "Your grandma has been put in the hospital, so it is unlikely we will make it." That Thanksgiving week, when we were suppose to have a house full, we spent alone, just praying that she would recover from her illness. It was a shock to everyone...Grandma was never sick. And if she was, she hid it well. This illness had been ignored for too long though, come to find out, and it had a grip on Grandma that was not willing to budge. After numerous surgeries and attempts to make her better, Grandma was taken off of life-support the day after Christmas. She hung on and breathed on her own for more than 24-hours, a true testament of the strong woman she was.

The next 4 weeks, went by like molasses. Our new baby was due soon, and I was anxious to see if Grandma had been right all along. "Was I carrying a baby girl? Will I get to honor her with the name she had called out so many times in September?" I kept telling myself, it was a boy so as not be disappointed in whatever the outcome would be, but my heart desperately wanted a girl.

The delivery room was a blur. There was so much commotion before I finally got to hear the words... "It's a GIRL!" Addison Jane, our sweet miracle from God was born on January 24th, 2013. I sobbed tremendously when she made her entrance into our world, knowing that Grandma knew all along.

Fast-forward 4-mos, and I felt a calling to change careers. I LOVED my job of 6-yrs, but felt I was supposed to be doing something different and I wanted to be able to spend more time with my children. Infertility, and the lack of control, is by far the hardest lesson I've ever had to learn. It truly changed my way of thinking and my way of life.

When trying to come up with a name for this "leap of faith," I agonized for weeks...nothing sounded right. Finally, a dear friend told me, "Make it something that is meaningful to you. No one else has to know what it means, but you will." 10-min from hearing that, I thought of "Jane Divine." "Jane" being a name that I hold so dear, and "Divine" meaning "from above." And, THAT is where my little Addi is from and where my sweet Grandmother is!

You may have also noticed the Dove in our logo, and wondered why. Well, it's there for Addi and Grandma. A symbol of hope, peace, new beginnings, and the Holy Spirit who has so graciously blessed me in more ways than I can count.

Many have asked where the name "Jane Divine" came from...And, now you know ;-)

Many Blessings, Richelle

the last photo I have with my grandma, taken September 2012